Thursday, June 10, 2010

Remembering Papa

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When Papa died eight years ago, I remember the priest told us to document every wonderful thoughts and praises that family, relatives and friends are telling us about how they remember Papa. It would be a nice legacy for his grandchildren and great grandchildren. After 1 year, during our "babang-luksa", I was tasked to do the documentation but I can't seem to write anything in remembrance of Papa, so I wrote this poem instead. . .


I knew a man
Who was not a fisherman
Neither was he a spokesman
But for me he was a great man.

He's not known to Never Land
Though he's been to many lands
It is to his homeland
Where he wants to be grand.

He was not a great ruler.
Nor was he a great teacher.
But,for me, he was the greatest of all fathers.
And his name was Peter!

Papa taught my eldest how to write. He cuddled my second child. But he never had the chance to see my youngest. So, I named him after his lolos (grandfathers) - PETER BENJAMIN ("Peter" was after my father, who actually is "Pedro" and "Benjamin" is after my father-in-law).

It is now that I missed him so. I missed his rough hands as we hold hands as we go shopping. I missed his driving (he never exceeds 40km/hr). I missed to see how he eats "tilapia" and "panga ng tuna". I just missed him!

Happy Father's Day, Papa!


  1. buti k pa maraming memories with your papa died when i was 9 lang...kniti lang memories ko =( hays....sarap tlga pag may dad ano?! =)

    Thanks for visiting. =)

  2. love the poem....good times can never be have such a great father.

  3. Lost my father 7 years ago and I am still wishing that he's still here.. Kakalungkot!

  4. I love the poem ;-)
    I also miss my father who died when I was 12. My eldest son was born a day after his birthday and during labor, I was thinking Tatay, I hope you had a chance to meet your grandson.

  5. Sotouching--ang ganda ng poem mo for him.I miss my father too--he died when I was still 9(T_T)

  6. Nice and touching poem...Even he is now in heaven I know he is guiding you and your family...

  7. That's very sweet of you to commemorate your dad thru your son's name. I actually did the same, my eldest is having my dad's name for his middle while the youngest have my FIL's name for his middle as well. :)

  8. @Jes, Cecile, Rose, Dinah, Clarissa, Seth, Willa: Thanks mommies, for your wonderful comments!

  9. Happy Father's day to the daddies in your family..

  10. Same here sis, my dad never met my youngest who was ironically the one who looks like him...death brings a soft spot into us but makes us stronger too...i do look forward to the time that death is no more (Revelation 21:4). Have a lovely week ahead!


  11. you write great poems Divine :)

    thanks for sharing this with us :)

    be blessed!


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