Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nostalgia Entry # 1 - College Friends Photos


As I read your post and saw that Japanese Doll, I cannot help but show you mine. Exactly the same as yours, sis!

This one was a gift from my younger brother, Edward, who works in an International Law Office in Japan. He gave it to me about 10years ago as a remembrance in our short stay there.

And this is my entry: an old photo of my college days friends!

My friends in college are the ones closest to my heart. I've been keeping these photos as a souvenir. Just a week ago, I've been reunited with my friends in college on-line, my bestfriends! We have so many things to talk about. So many memories to look back to. And I never taught I have missed them so much.


  1. love the sepia effect... awww and the memories during those days... awww..

    Joined Nostalgia too HERE!

  2. Hahaahha, parehas pala tayong meron nyan sis lol.. Gustong gusto ng son ko yan because of the music.. Nakakamiss ang fwiends back then. Thanks for joining.

  3. wow, same doll like Rose's. Your photo memories are really nice ones too. I miss my friends.


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