Friday, October 28, 2011

Mommy Moments - Mommy's Favorite Photos

mommy moments

Its hard to decide which photo is my favorite because each has a story to tell. Here's some of it...

never thought our family picture from a photobooth would be one of my favorite

"a wacky wedding picture?" (who would thought of that)

a wacky photo of my boys...
my favorite because I can't make them pose like this again.

the soooo-tired men in my life

this is one of my favorite because this is when I realized how good a son I have (click here to find out how)

These are just some of my favorite photos. I hope you enjoyed watching it and looking forward to see yours...

Happy mommy moments!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Whites - Cloudy Sky

Viewing the sky out my window, one day...

It might rain as the clouds start to turn gray.

My share of Wednesday Whites.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Orange Tuesdays: Monkey Bar

Kevin is trying out the monkey bar at Valenza.

Not to be left behind is...
OH MY!!!... ITS HUBBY!!!

don't push it, Papa

you're taller than....

you really tried it, ha!
miss being a kid???

It's one of our weekend stroll along the area where we had fun! My husband spend so much quality time with the boys. And it makes me sooo happy!


Mommy and Me Monday # 10

Last sunday was my nephew's 6th birthday.
My kids doesn't want to have their face painted.

So I had my arms painted instead

And catched him for one more picture.

Happy Mommy and Me Monday!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

Blue Monday: The Birthday Celebrant

He's 13years old and officially a teen-ager!

...his shy pose

...his "pa-cute" pose

...and his "i-did-it" pose

He wears his newly-bought t-shirt with "The Sound of the Soul" print on it.

He's into playing guitar, lately, that's why he choose to wear this shirt. I just hope one day I will hear him to sing...also!

Joining Sally's Blue Monday at Smiling Sally.
Smiling Sally

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy Moments - Mommy's Unforgetable Stories

mommy moments

The 13 years of married life brought me loads of stories to tell. Ordinary stories that brings great impact in my life.

I got married late. I had a long engagement, almost 8 years. Finally, we decided to get married because we believe we are prepared for it already: emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

God has been so good to me because he blessed me with a good husband and wonderful kids. There sure are rough times but we manage to survived it because of the love we had for each other and our love for God.

I cannot forget my stories of giving birth to my kids. Each has a different story to tell. But I want to share the story of my eldest's. Since it was my first pregnancy, I dont know what to do. I didnt know that my baby was already stressed out in my tummy. He was already infected with the meconium stain when I gave birth to him. Because of the infection, we decided that he stayed in the hospital for 7 more days until the infections were treated.

It's so sad to go home after giving birth and you didn't bring your baby home with you! I was having dreams about my delivery. I was in the hospital everyday to breastfeed my son but they won't let me stay long in the nursery. Only during feeding time. It was a little sacrifice I had to face for my son. And it didn't go to waste. He grew up to be a healthy, fine young man of 13! (He was born 9 months after we were married)

My family is my world now. I stopped working 11 years ago and decided to be a full-time mom. Another decision I had to choose but it's paying off well... Happy mommy moments!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Angry Birds Fever

My youngest son got a whole lot of toys. Being the recipient of toys from his 2 older brothers who are now in their "tweens". I thought I wouldn't have to worry about buying him new toys anymore. Until he got hooked by Angry Birds!

At first, he's just likes to play online. But it has become the new craze in school. We began buying toys, fans, erasers, pens, "pogs", collection cards, and anything that has an "angry birds print" on it. I also can see their pad papers with "Angry Birds" sketches on it!

Although they were not that expensive, I tried to see what do they get out of playing Angry Birds.

By the name itself, it has a negative impression on me. So I got to dig dipper and found out why these birds got Angry. It seems that the green pigs stole the eggs from the birds' nest. That's how the birds got Angry. Now, the birds will try to retrieve their eggs from the green pigs by destroying the structures made by the pigs using a slingshot.

I try to find the benefits my kids will get out of playing computer games esp Angry Birds. It can help in their decision making, improve their physics and math skills, enhance their creativity, improve their problem solving and cognitive skills are some of the benefits kids can get from playing this game.

As a mother, my role is to make sure to balance my kids' time. Time for play, time for studies, time to rest, time for prayer, and time for family. I'll make sure that they will enjoy whatever it is they do and that it is with according to the values we try to instill in them.

Games come and go. Right now, its Angry Birds time!

Friday's Fave Five # 4

It's been awhile since I counted my blessings. I'm sure is excited to share my blessings for this week...

1. Mornings. It's another day, something to look forward to. I thank God for waking me up this morning! For giving me yet another day to live my life and prepare myself for His coming! And it feels so great to greet you all a pleasant GOOD MORNING!

2. My son's birthday! Oct. 11 was my eldest son's birthday. He's now officially a teen-ager. I thank God because he's starting to grow up to be a fine young man. I wrote him another poem for his birthday.

3. Birthday. Its my birthday, too(Oct. 14)! I started the day by going to mass. Had lunch with friends at the newly open LZM restaurant in Solenad 2. We had super delicious boneless bangus and kare-kare!. Finally, the whole family had dinner at Shakeys (where I had a free large pepperoni pizza for my birthday). I felt so much blessed with all the love I got today!

4. Hunter X Hunter. It's an old cartoon series that we've watched before but was on-air once again in one of our local TV Station. The kids (including me) was hooked in it! Watching it has become our bonding time. After they're done with their assignments, we sat together and watch it on-line. We even discuss some part of it (especially those that I missed) as I drive them home from school. It's a fun way to bond with my kids!

5. Tonkatsu. The new fave of my boys. Its actually breaded pork chops. Specifically requested me to cook on my sons birthday. Cooked it with love.

What beautiful blessings I was showered this week. Thanks be to God!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orange Tuesdays: A Tiger Mask

This Orange Tuesday, I want to share my son's Tiger Mask!

As part of their Performance Base Test in school, they have to describe their favorite animal while wearing a costume.

"Tigrera", his favorite toy animal and his sleeping buddy!"

Unfortunately, I lent his tiger costume some time ago but forgot who I lent it to. I'm just glad he agreed on using a mask instead of a costume.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Whites - The White Magnolia Tree Poem by Helen Deutsch

This Wednesday I want to share with you this poem by Helen Deutsch. It is "The White Magnolia Tree". I felt the sincerity, tranquility and contentment in her poem. I hope you like it, too!

The year when I was twenty-one,
(John that year was twenty-three)
That was the year, that was the spring,
We planted the white magnolia tree.

"This tree," said John, "shall grow with us,
And every year it will bloom anew.
This is our life. This is our love."
And the white magnolia tree grew and grew...

Oh, youth' a thing of fire and ice,
And currents that run hot and white,
And its world is as bright as the sun...

I was twenty-one...
And I wore a plume in my hat.
And we went to the movies and wept over" Stella Dallas",
And John sang "Moonlight and Roses"
(a little off-key, but very nicely really),

And we hurried through our crowded days
With beautiful plans, boundless ambitions, and golden decisions.
There is so much the young heart clamours for,
That it must have, and that it cannot live without,
And it must be all or nothing,
For aren't we the masters of creation?

Oh, valiant and untamed were we,
When we planted the white magnolia tree!
And the white magnolia grew and grew,
Holding our love within its core,
And every year it bloomed anew,
And we were twenty-one no more.

No more untamed, no more so free,
Nor so young, nor so wild and aflame were we.
Dearer to us grew other things:
Easy sleep, books, a day's quiet holiday,
Good talk beside a fire, the beauty of old faces...

We have known many things since then:
The death of a child and the bitter lesson
That a heart which breaks can mend itself again
(That it can and must be done),
And what loyalty can mean,
And how real a word like courage can become,
And that solitude can be rich and gratifying
And quite different from loneliness...

There is so little the serious heart requires:
Friends, faith, a window open to the world,
Pride in work well done,
And strength to live in a world at war
And still maintain the heart's own private peace...

Dear Heaven, I give thanks to thee
For things I did not know before,
For the wisdom of maturity,
For bread, and a roof, and for one thing more...

Thanks because I still can see
The bloom on the white magnolia tree!

Helen Deutsch

source: The White Magnolia Tree Poem

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