Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy Moments: I Love Toys and Gadgets

My boys don't just love toys and gadgets, they're crazy about it! They're first "major, major" collection is Pokemon miniatures...

Next is their Bakugan collection...

Then, they're into cards and "pogs" (as they call the round cards)...

Without me noticing it, they're into Foldabots (the one's you get from Kidzone)...

Now, they're into Gormiti...

I just can't give it away because, from time to time, they still play with them. Especially now that I've taken pictures of them, its all over the house. Saying how much they've missed them.

And as for their gadgets, they have Nintendo's Gameboys and DS ( Most of it, were gifts from my brother, Edward). I should thank gameboy because my two sons learned to read and comprehend while playing pokemon.

As for my youngest son, Phoebo, he is soooo crazy about cars! Here are a few of his own collection.

And, the biggest one of them all (my husband), will not be left behind - for he has his own collection of toy Ferrari's...

And here are the boys in my life which I've collected!(lol) huggable toys and gadgets!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Educational Trip

My son and I joined the school's educational trip last Saturday, Aug.14. We went to different places.

First stop - Puppet Show at UP Theater:

Next Stop - Quezon City Memorial Circle:
(in commemoration of the Linggo ng Wika)

Next Stop - Lunch at MOA (Mall Of Asia):
(we got the chance to capture the mermaid in one of the restaurants)

Next Stop - Museong Pambata:

Last Stop - Zoocology in Manila Ocean Park:

He had lots of fun and never got tired. He also brought home some souvenirs with him.

from Museong Pambatafrom Zoocology

School Time-Second Quarter

Last week was the end of the first quarter in school. My kids had the usual first quarter exams. There were three of them (1-first year high school, 1-5th grader, and my 1st grader). It was so exhausting for me to prepare worksheets and review them for all the topics that have to be reviewed. My 1st grader is a first timer in a big school. First year high school is so different from grade school. And my 5th grader's goal is to achieve a "General Scholastic Awards". I just have to be on their every step!

Thanks to the internet, I got to get free worksheets to help them in their review. Some of them are:

Now, second quarter is about to start and I'm helping my kids set up their goals for this quarter. I am also trying to arrange and schedule my activities so I can fully hand them more of my time. I cannot do it alone, I know, but with God's grace I know I can manage. As many of us mommies do!

Fixing our garden

My husband and I are in the process of fixing our garden. We decided to plant some flowers, herbs and spices, some fruit-bearing plants and vegetables around the area. In the process, we also taught it best to put some bricks as pathway. After purchasing almost 500pcs of bricks, here's how it looks...

We're going to put bermuda grass in the middle to make it looks larger and the plants will have to be on the side. We still need around 300pcs more of bricks before we can start planting. I just can't wait for us to finish it...I'm so excited on how its going to turn out!

My Sister's Wedding

It was my sister's wedding last July 16, 2010. She's the youngest in our family, though not that young anymore. It was a civil wedding and we wanted to make it a very special intimate wedding for the family. We did all the invitations, ordered the giveaways, the physical preparations in the restaurant (including the candy bar)in less than a month! Tiring but satisfying... take a peek...

My sister, Jovy and her husband, Smruti

The Guests registration table

The Reception Entrance

The wedding reception area

The giveaways

The Wedding Cake

The Candy or Sweets Bar

And our wacky family!

At the end of it all, my only wish is for the newly wed to live a beautiful life together as one... Love you two!!!

Mommy and Me Monday #1

Our wackiest photo taken in a Chinese restaurant after school.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mommy Moments: I Love Books

mommy moments

When I decided to be a full-time mom, I invested some of my early retirement money to books which I know will be useful for my kids. Here are some of them:

I believe all the encouragements and exposures we've done for the kids paid off when I see them read books on their own. They were not the "bookworm" type but I'm glad they like to read books. They made efforts to borrow books from the school library and if the books they like is not yet available, that is the only time they request us to buy them one. Some of their favorites are: pokemon, geronimo stilton, tomo and Percy Jackson.

My youngest is only following what his brothers are reading but what he really wants is to read books about cars!

My eldest son, amazed me when I learned that he now likes to read the Holy Bible! He even requested that I buy him his own bible to read. Now is the time for us to support them with what they want. . . .
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