Friday, November 5, 2010

Mommy Moments - It Comes in All Shapes

mommy moments

Phoebo loves cars and he likes checking its that would be CIRCLE.

So is with this donut - CIRCLE!

Kevin, JM and sometimes Phoebo love to read books. Books are RECTANGLE in shape!

They also love to play with their DS (especially now that its Playtime-Friday for them) - RECTANGLE again!

Kuya's love nowadays is his guitar, I don't know it shape, Guitar-shaped? HELP!!! LOL

Happy Weekend...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Girls Talk: Grocery

Hello, Girls! This is my first time to talk with

What's always on my grocery list?

I start off with bottled condiments like vinegar, soy sauce and fish sauce. I'm not brand conscious when it comes to these ones but ketchup - we go for Del Monte Sweet Blend! I go for Nescafe Decaf, the kids for Milo or Swiss Miss(if the budget permits). My eldest son(who's 12yo) likes to drink Energen choco now. My husband drinks whatever is available (coffee, choco, or tea). Kids always get their cereal(cornflakes) with fresh milk(cowhead or nestle). I don't miss out getting cookies or biscuits (esp. Hansel, Presto-peanut butter) which I put in their lunch boxes. And speaking of lunch box, they like to have and so I never missed getting chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and bacon. (not so healthy, I know)

I also never miss to pass by the chicken station, where I get fillets of chicken breast, chicken lumpiang shanghai, chicken korean barbecue, and their new favorite the pizza chicken. My kids and my husband are white meat lovers!

One more thing I never miss out is the cream dory fish fillet and the bangus fish fillet - (Seaking) back fillet, fish belly, and the marinated fish fillet.

All of these are for their pack lunch so I must have it in my lists.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ask Momma Wednesday


My youngest son will soon turn 7y.o. I may have spoiled him or overly protective of him because he is the youngest. Now, he seems like scared to try new things (scared to do it on his own). He doesnt want to join even in party games!(although he likes attending parties) What would I do to him?

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