Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy Moments - Grocery Day

mommy moments

Our grocery day is scheduled at least twice a month. Usually, its done after the 5th of every month (the cut-off of our credit card!). Its used to be a big day for the kids because they got to pick out stuff from the shelves. But now that my two boys are growing up, they choose to stay home and play with their computers than join me in doing the grocery. Good thing I still got my 6 year old son, Phoebo, to join me in doing the grocery!

Aside from doing the grocery twice a month, I also go to the market for fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. This one I do all alone because my kids dont like wet markets. I usually schedule it in the morning after I brought them to school.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nissan or Hyundai

We were thinking of getting the all new Hyundai Tucson because, for me, it looks good (you see, I don't know anything about cars). When we saw the new Nissan Xtrail CVT, and we thought its more like it since its Japanese technology and we've already been using an automatic '04 Nissan Xtrail.

Last week, our Nissan Xtrail's engine just stopped while I'm driving! I tried to start its engine and it took me about 3 to 4 trials before it went on again. It was one of the things that I hate happening because I have all of my kids with me in the car aside from having to stop in the middle of a busy street. Is very stressful especially when the other cars and buses keep on sounding their horns! Stressful, also for the kids!

We had it checked by Nissan last weekend, hoping that would fixed the problem. But yesterday, it happened again! And this time the engine kept on stopping like every 3 - 4 minutes! I got stressed but I pulled myself together and acted as if everything is alright just for the sake of my kids - so they wont get stress also.

We ended up leaving the car in the parking lot and we rode a tricycle going home! I made it look like a new adventure for them so everyone will be excited. We made a short stopped at McDonald's on our way home. Then, I found my youngest son so quiet. When asked why, he said he's got a little scared riding the tricycle because its his firstime but got use to it anyway.

We'll have the car fix again and I hope this time they will really fix the problem because I heard from some friends about the same problem they encountered with Nissan cars (engine stopping out of the blues). So now, we are having second thoughts of acquiring the all-new Nissan Xtrail-CVT.

1-0 in favor of Hyundai Tucson. . .
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