Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday # 5

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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It was after we hear mass on sunday afternoon taken by my youngest son...

and on the birthday of my second son...

(funny how he wears the same shirt-its his favorite!)

Have a great week...and month!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday's Fave Five # 4

Time to recap what had happened the whole week and how grateful can you be...

1. Welcome Home. My dear husband is back from his week-long business trip outside the country. Funny how you've grown too familiar with each other but missed one another when you're apart. It has been the longest week of my life. Thank God for the safe journey.

2. Crispy Chicken Sandwich. My kids love to eat this sandwich from McDonalds. They can finished two sandwiches in one sitting (maybe three if I permit them). This is what we ate while waiting for their father's arrival. It was a great bonding for the four of us there at McDo! Such a wonderful time!

3. Varnished and Paint. Painting of our closet, kitchen cabinets and divider has already started. The varnishing of my center table was done nicely. Can't wait for the finished products. So excited!

4. My "tween". I finally let go of my "tween"-ager. He was invited to a birthday celebration and they had to meet at the nearby park. (without parents, of course!) I was hesitant, but I had to let him be so he can learn to be independent. And me, tto learn to trust him...

5. High school friends. I got to meet with my high-school friends. A "balik-bayan" hosted the dinner. It was so much fun seeing your classmates from way back. Reminiscing the high school days and looking forward for what lies ahead. I had sooo much fun!

To sum it up, it was a great week! Thanks God!

Mommy Moments - Before and After

mommy moments

Happy to be back here at MM!

Here's our share of the "before and after" photo's of my kiddos:

This is JM when he was 12 months old...

...and this is JM, now at 12 years old.

This is Kevin when he was 10 months old...

...and this is Kevin, now at 10 years old (he'll be 11y.o. on Sunday)

This is Phoebo, when he was 6months old...

...and now at 6 years old.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parenting Our Teen

I received a book from my sister on my birthday entitled "The Big Black Book for Parents (helping your teen navigate through life's challenges)". Since I'll be having teenage boys very soon, I'd like to share with you some things that I've read from this book.

Six actions every parent should MODEL for their teen:

1. Be Polite. Teach others with respect. Say please or thank you. Also remember, dads: ladies first.

2. Smile. Show off those pearly whites. This small gesture will go a long way.

3. Share. This unselfish act is packed with power.

4. Listen. Give others your full attention. They will appreciate the investment.

5. Lend a hand. Mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor, or send a card to a relative you have been praying for.

6. Give a gift. There doesn't have to be a special reason, but the best reason of all is simply say, "I care about you."

Source: The big black book for parents
by Blaine Bartel

Our children are very observant. They watches us on everything that we do. They even imitate us and idolizes us. As parents, it is just right to set a good example for them to follow. As Ben Franklin said, "A good example is a good servmon."

Happy parenting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday # 4 - On my birthday!

Taken on my birthday celebration at home. My kids are now looking forward in having a picture with me so I can post something for Mommy & Me Monday.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Fave Five # 3

This week has been the busiest yet exciting so far.

1. My JM's 12th birthday. Monday was his birthday. He wanted to treat his classmates some pizza. After bringing them to school, I had to order pizza (good its open 24 hours). I attended the morning mass at Don Bosco Church first before going to the pizza parlor! I know my son is excited to treat his classmates. I'm happy we had the means to make him happy! Thank you, Lord!

2. 2nd Quarterly Test. This week is the second quarterly tests of my kids. We're all busy studying and making reviewers. I'm so glad and thankful that my two sons are now big enough to do the studying with little supervision. I only have my 7-years old to think about.

3. My birthday! Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't plan for anything special. I started the day by attending the morning mass with my husband. My girl friends and I (together with our kids) ate out and had a good chat! Our kids also had a good time. I also received many greetings from relatives and friends thru the net. The day ended up with a sumptuous dinner with the whole family: My husband, my kids, my sisters, my nephew and my mother! I also got a book and an orchid! THANKFUL and LOVED, that's how I felt!!! Thank you, Lord!

4. Achievement Holiday! After the four-day exams at my son's school, they had a no-class day or an achievement holiday. No class means the kids and I will just stay home! Its "our" holiday - our rest day!!! Thank you, Lord!

5. My mother-in-law is back. She's back from her visit to her daughter in Canada. My kids misses her and were due to visit her this weekend. Thank God, she had a safe journey!

So many things to be grateful about sometimes we just forget to say "thank you"!

Mommy Moments - Blowing Bubbles

mommy moments

I remember how my kids went crazy when they see bubbles around. They just wouldn't stop catching each bubble.

Now that my two kids are on their pre-teen age, they still go crazy but can manage to calm down a bit. They just let their little brother enjoy and run after the bubbles. I just have to catch that moment with my little "Phoebo" enjoying the bubbles because I fail to take photo of him doing that. (It's gonna be my assignment)

Happy weekends!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

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    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    For Joshua

    It's October 11 and my son Joshua Miguel ("JM") is celebrating his 12th birthday. He wants to treat his classmates with some pizza.

    While waiting for my orders, I created a poem for my son and it goes like this ...

    On this special day
    I sit back and recall
    Your "coming-out-to-this-world" day
    And the joy you've brought to all.

    You are now twelve
    The sensitive age "in-between"
    Where you don't know what to believe
    Are you still a child or now a "teen"?

    No matter what you are
    Whatever you may do
    I'll be forever here
    Your mother, your friend but never your foe!

    As you celebrate your birthday
    I wish you nothing but happiness
    Enjoy this beautiful day
    And remember that we love you and that you're the best!

    At home, we celebrated his birthday with the whole family present. Though I was so tired with the preparations, I can see that he was happy! That made me even more happier!

    Happy Birthday, JM!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    A Naturally Good Person

    One day, a little boy was celebrating his 4th birthday at his school. His classmates and teachers were all invited including his almost 3-year old brother.

    He was so excited as one of the famous fast-food chain will be hosting his party. There were balloons, cake, mascot, party hosts and a lot of games and prizes!

    One of the party game is "The Boat is Sinking (Group Yourselves into...)". As the game goes on, each of the member of the class is taken out one by one until there were only four kids left. Two members of the class, the birthday celebrant and his little brother.

    The party host says, "The boat is sinking, group yourselves into TWO!" And the participants group each other into two: the two members of the class and the birthday celebrant and his brother.

    Next, the party host says, "The boat is sinking, group yourselves into THREE!" The participants got confused! The two members of the class won't separate and they want their classmate (who is the celebrant) to join them. But the celebrant won't leave his little brother to join his classmates.

    Everybody stand still...what could happen next? How could they have a winner if the 4 kids won't group themselves into 3? Who would be taken out of the game?

    Suddenly, out-of-the-blue, something happened that made all jaws dropped!

    The birthday celebrant took his brother's hand and led him to join his 2 other classmates to form a group of 3. He stepped back, clapped his hands as if announcing and confirming to everyone who the winners were!

    The party host announced the winners and gave them their prizes. The celebrant received a prize as well from the party host!

    He was only 4-years old and he made this little sacrifice for his brother. He was only 4-years old, yet he showed everyone the meaning of LOVE. He was only 4-years old and you can see the goodness in him. He was only 4-years old and he already made his parents proud!

    I know, because I am. He is my eldest son! His name is JOSHUA MIGUEL TAN! And he is celebrating his 12th birthday on the October 11. This is my tribute to him. For being a good son, for being a naturally good person!


    JM then...

    And JM now...

    during their Graduation Ball

    with his guitar coach

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Mommy and Me Monday # 3 - Community Day at School

    Saturday, Oct. 2, was the Community Day at my sons' school. They had Fun Run, Family Games and the Community Breakfast which we attended. My eldest, JM, took a picture of me with his younger siblings.

    It was while we are having breakfast, its a potluck affair. We brought salted eggs with tomatoes. The kids had so much fun. I had fun too while meeting other mommies! It's really a fun day!

    Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
    Hosted by Krystyn

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Friday's Fave Five #2

    Friday once again, time to recap the whole week. And it is also the 1st of October! It is our favorite month because three of us in the family will be celebrating our birthdays this month.

    1. I'M BACK! After almost 2 weeks of no internet connection due to the defective power supply of our broadband, I'm sooo glad I'm back! The side of the village where we transfered doesnt have telephone line connection yet so we rely soley on our broadband. It's more of a blessing when it broke down because a carpenter is schedule to do some work in the house and I got to watch over his work more. Now, the carpentry job was done, the internet connection was fixed and I'm back.

    2. TUTOR. My two sons decided to attend a tutoring class! I'm proud of my "JM" (11 y.o.) and my "KEVIN" (10 y.o.) for deciding for themselves and attend a review class twice a week. JM's goal was to get an ACHIEVER AWARD at the end of the school year and requested that I send him to a tutor. Kevin, on the other hand, wants to get the highest Award - The GENERAL SCHOLASTIC AWARD! Its something I don't impose on my kids but I'm so proud of them to have a goal set on their own. I just love them so!

    3. CABINETS. About the carpentry job I mentioned, it's the cabinets we ask the carpenter to build. The kitchen cabinets, the walk-in-closet, the kids' cabinet, our living room divider, the center table and our version of console table. Its already built but still need some painting and varnishing job. I'm excited about it because I design all of it! I'll post them as soon as it is finished. :>

    4. NO CLASS FRIDAY. Its a "no class" day at my son's school today. It's Lacasa Teacher's Day that's why they don't have classes. I'm not sure what it means but what's important for me and my kids is that we have time to rest the whole day! Tomorrow, Oct. 2, is their schools' Family Fun Day. There will be a community breakfast, fun run, family games and more activities at the school tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

    5. T-SHIRTS. Just this morning, my husband gave me these two t-shirts with the pink ribbon designs, as a support for breast cancer awareness.

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