Friday, November 11, 2011

The Business-side of Me

I sometimes missed working as an employee after resigning for almost 11 years now. But what I actually missed is getting compensated after a day's work! Though, life is different now because I get compensation even if I'm not an employee (thanks to my dear husband).

My husband is the business-minded one. He can do side-lines even before when we were both working. It's the Chinese-side of him, I guess. He taught me the art of buy-and-sell!

Now, we're into buying-and-selling garments, particularly, undergarments. Its more like of a garage sale since we invite my friends and his' to our house to look at the itme we have.

Little by little, I became less shy and I came to love this business. Tomorrow, friends will be coming over for a sale! Good luck to us!

Girl Talk: Old School - 70's

I love walking down the memory lane and I'm so excited to share this photo with you,

Take a look at the fashion of the 70's. I'm the smallest one of all in the picture and my sister (on the other end) is wearing the same dress as mine. That's how my mom used to dress us back then. I think this was taken when I was in grade 4 (in the mid-70s). I remember I don't like to wear this dress because it looks like my "ate"(my elder sister). But now that I've seen it again, I noticed it looks nice on me. It made me look more demure.

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Friday's Fave Five # 5

It's time for Friday's Fave Five once again. And it falls on 11-11-2011!

1. Did my second day walk-exercise today. It's my little way of living a healthy life. Thanks for my ever-supportive husband who keep on pushing me to do some exercise to loose weight!

2. I met with old high school friends today to plan for our upcoming Christmas Party. We had so much fun remembering the good old days and we look forward for more new happy days together again.

3. Me and my sons got caught up in the traffic today while going home. There was a vehicular accident. It did us some good because we have some good talk inside the car. Made some jokes, did some contest until we got home! A cool quality time with the boys.

4. A friend celebrated her birthday and I'm glad I did an early Christmas shopping. Choosing a gift for her come in handy.

5. Tasted some milk tea from SERENITEA. Cosy place and refreshing drinks. I enjoyed their tea so much! Hmmmm!

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Pink Fridays: Pink Bag

I'm glad to finally join this meme this week. This pink bag my sister gave me last Christmas is what I'll share for this week.

I still haven't got the chance to use it because, being a mom, I'm used to carrying a lot of things with me while we travel. Alcohol, insect-bite cream, headache ball, mosquito repellant lotion, first-aid kit, face towels, extra handkerchiefs, etc., etc, are some of the things you can find in my bag. Not to mention my own vanity kit! And even if I'm alone, I still carry most of those things. I need large bags that's why I didn't have to chance to use this small bag still...

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Nostalgia: Get-Together


On my nephew's 6th birthday, we got the chance to see old relatives. It was a happy get-together since its been awhile since we last see each other. They were my uncle's family, the eldest brother of my father, where we are most closest.

We had fun and we run out of time so we're planning for another get-together this holiday season!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Morning Walk

I noticed that past months that I'm gaining weights! Not only that, since I experience the vertigo attack, I do not do any exercise anymore for fear I might get dizzy again.

But when I started to feel my body is aching everywhere and getting comments that I'm getting bigger, I decided to at least have a morning walk 20-30 minutes everyday!
Glad that my husband also accompanies me to this walk (for our own bonding time).

I also do a little stretching, sit-ups and aerobics.

All of these I hope I can do until I see results because I decided to leave and stay healthy for my family.

Goodluck to me...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Whites - Flowers for my Papa

We offered flowers for my departed father last All Souls Day. We didn't mind what kind of flowers the florist would use as long as they're white.

Notice long epitaph in his tombstone? It's the poem I've written in my father's honor entitled "And His Name Was Peter"

My share of

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Orange Tuesdays: Flowers

This flower arrangement was given as a gift for me from my youngest son's pre-school. It's been with me for more than a year now.

It was a reminder that, once, I acted as the PTC-Chairman in my son's school...

It fit so well with my house' motiff!
Thanks Tr. Erlie, Tr. Doris, and Tr. Janet!
I missed you all!

Mommy and Me Monday # 11

We visited the memorial park where my father was laid in commemoration of the All Soul's Day. We offered some flowers and stayed awhile to pray. My eldest son, JM, and I had our picture taken while waiting for the other members of our family to arrived.

It was a sunny day but we didn't put our own tent until my eldest sister arrived.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Mommy Moments - Moms Bonding Moments

mommy moments

I met a lot of full-time moms from my kids' school that eventually became my friends.

We talk about anything under the sun. (literary, under the sun, hehehe) Or even in the school parking lot.

From our kids assignments to the oil prizes to who's on the entertainment new today. Its a short but meaningful time, if I may say, we spent together.

The most important thing is we share our experiences with our kids. You learn how to deal with situations you have never dealt before because some moms already have through with it.

The best part is we know we all love and support our kids!

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