Monday, June 29, 2015

A Day Well-Spent

A day well-spent may not be planned.  
(as in our case)

After attending the Sunday mass, we went malling...

and found these Lego Creations that's so amazing...our National Hero in Lego!

had our lunch...

took some pictures

with my three boys...(you can see my husband in the mirror) LOL!

catches their "having-fun" moments (secretly...)

went shopping for his promised toy...

and for his shoes in a blue box.

We visited another shopping mall and was surprised to meet a friend.
We then drop by at my sister's house and these blue gifts are there waiting for us...

a blue Nintendo 3DS from Japan

a Smoked Salmon in blue box from Canada

a blue tshirt from Las Vegas.

Our well-spent Sunday made me realized how blessed our family are.
Thank you, Lord God!

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Smiling Sally

Thankful mom,
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