Monday, October 3, 2011

Orange Tuesdays # 4

Its Tuesday and its orange time!

Part of the house that I spent most of my time is our kitchen. When I saw this kitchen design from the model house we visited in Laguna, I can't help but wish I had one like it!

...or at least one that looks like it. (Hehehe!)

Happy Tuesdays, everyone!


  1. wow bongga mommy.. I love it too.. I wished I have my own house na.. hays..

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    Seling Online

  2. Wow, that's so orange-y and bright :). If I came home to a house like that, it will surely lift my mood all the time.

  3. wow! your kitchen is gorgeous...

  4. sure hope it's mine, Aliz, but it's not! It's from one of the model houses here in Laguna. Thanks for visiting! :)


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