Friday, November 4, 2011

Mommy Moments - Moms Bonding Moments

mommy moments

I met a lot of full-time moms from my kids' school that eventually became my friends.

We talk about anything under the sun. (literary, under the sun, hehehe) Or even in the school parking lot.

From our kids assignments to the oil prizes to who's on the entertainment new today. Its a short but meaningful time, if I may say, we spent together.

The most important thing is we share our experiences with our kids. You learn how to deal with situations you have never dealt before because some moms already have through with it.

The best part is we know we all love and support our kids!


  1. Making friends with other moms provides you great support in raising and disciplining your kids, aside from the fact that you have people you enjoy chatting with every school day. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  2. I've learned somewhere that the end of a person's growth is when he stops talking. Good for you! :)

    my MM this week
    our family

  3. when i was in the philippines and my son was in kindergarten. we do the same thing everyday while waiting for our children.We ended up so close with each other. i get in touh with some of them thru FB.those were the days.

  4. i am blessed to have known you in our short time together in Monarch. ;)

  5. It's always great to have other mommy friends. Since I'm bringing lunch to my son almost every day now, I've gotten to know some mommies of my son's classmates and I learn things from them that my son wouldn't tell me. :)

  6. It is always nice to have mommy friends around talaga. Especially that we get to share our experiences as mommies to them. You are lucky to have those friends! :)

    Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

    A Pedi for a Stressed Mommy


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