Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wall of Photos

This wall was transformed into a wall of our family photos.

It started when Papa passed away 11 years ago. I composed a poem for him while my brother initiated on transforming this wall which originally was a counter.

It is a wall that showcase our adventures as a family. From our parents, to their children and up to their grandchildren. A lot of memories can be seen in there. You can see five frames at the bottom. It is for the five (5) of us (children) and our families. It is up to us to update our own family's photos. (I noticed that ours need an updating already... )

(Note: You can also see a black sofa bed. It is where Papa laid when our Dear Lord took him in his sleep, in his afternoon nap...)

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  1. That is a good idea of preserving special family memories :-)

    Late BPC hop!

  2. wow very nice! love it sis..

    from BPC hop!

  3. i like this idea you put into reality. very nice!

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here!


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