Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shopping Bag

Now that most shopping mall and grocery stores are using less and less plastic bags, reusable and washable shopping bags are  necessities especially for a mother like me.  I had to make sure I always carry one in my bag whenever I get out of the house, just in case.  

Here are some of the shopping bags my sister gave me...

... comes in different sizes and designs!

These ones I can put in my bag for emergency purposes.

There are also some eco bags which I used in doing my groceries.  Grocery store owners in our area now encourages shoppers to bring our own bag.  That is to minimize the use of plastic bag and my own LITTLE way of saving mother earth...

BPC (# 30/365)

 photo yb91422_zps80b0cef3.png


  1. I love those bags - so great for shopping!

  2. How colorful! That is such a brilliant idea, using less plastic! :) here for bpc!

  3. i love reusable shopping bags! i use them here!

    BPC hop!

  4. We have a big collection of them in our house. One of the great things about going to conferences or fairs are that you often get given a goody bag... in a bag that is perfect for your shopping


  5. I love these bags! I love reusables.

  6. very eco-friendly! No need for plastic bags! keep it up!

  7. Sounds like a great idea though. and you have pretty looking shopping bag. Thanks for joining BPC


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