Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Special Trip

My son and I originally plan to go to SM Department Store after school.  I promised to buy him his favorite toy (Beyblade) for diligently studying for the final exams.

We ended up tagging along with our friends (his and mine).

Moms in front, kids at the back.  Coincidentally, we are all mothers of boys!
We can see that they were all so happy to be together in a different venue other than their school.

S&R will hold a sale the following day that's why we visited the store ahead of time.

But the boys didn't enjoy doing the grocery.

Instead, they turned the store into a playground!  We're just glad they didn't broke anything, or else...

It was just a short trip but we knew our boys had a real GOOD TIME!
Eating and playing together...

My son have not forgotten the promise I made.  We still planned to go to SM the next day and get him his toy.  (That will be posted later on... ^_^)

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