Friday, March 8, 2013

Magnetic Clips

I got fascinated by its cute animal designs
that will be educational at the same time 
during that time, thirteen years ago (13).

an elephant

a giraffe

a panda

a lion

a sheep

a monkey and "Winnie the Pooh"

chipmunk and a cute kitten.

Yes! They have been with me for thirteen years and counting...

together with these Pokemon ref magnets.

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  1. so cute!! i love them all specially the kitty!

    BPC hop here

  2. oh, so cute! love them all. wow, 13 years, good job on keeping them well. i thought they're all brand new. i'm visiting from color connection.

  3. thanks for visiting, Mai!

    I'm just glad I have 3 boys because they're not fond of these kind of things. They're are more into toys and gadgets...:-)

  4. Thanks for visiting, Kim!

    Thanks, emzkie! I just can't remember the name of that kitty...

  5. Those are cute magnetic clips!

    Thanks for joining Color Connection last week, come and link up this week. Linky is up now.


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