Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I just found out that its "Gardenia" in English.
Its been sitting in my garden for 3 years now.

I'm patiently waiting for its flowers to bloom because of its sweet scent.

I'm also wanting to see to grow taller but I guess I have to add
more garden soil in my garden.

I will never get tired of taking care of my Rosal nor will I remove it
in my garden because I just read that it produces fruits too.  And it is also use to 
perfume tea in China.

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  1. Yes it is called Gardenia in English. My Pinay friend gave me some gardenia seedlings at one time, but didn't make it. I might have to try again. It's kind of hard to raise some gardenia's during the winter and had to take it inside the house. It's beautiful and I do love the scent as well. Visiting via WW!

  2. I'm posting about another sweet smelling white flower too Sampaguita. I like rosal too. Now I know the English term for it hehe!

  3. Beautiful captures, sis! I love it especially with droplets of water for added effects. haha! Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites last week!


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