Friday, May 14, 2010

The Mommy Moments - Message to Mom

To my mom. . .

Mama, I know I may not tell you these, but I really appreciate you and I love you so much!

When I was young, I remember doing the things you want me to do. Help you clean the house, help you cook, help you do the laundry, and I should do it the way you like me to - your way. I also remember you telling me what to wear when I was in grade 4. I was really disappointed to wear that dress during our christmas party because I don't like it! I cannot do anything but do as I was told. We were taught to follow what the old ones tell us.

I remember you talk a lot at the top of your voice! I just wonder how you sounded when you are not angry. You see, I wonder about a lot of things about you when I was growing up.

Now, that I have a family of my own and also a mom like you. I begin to understand why. Why you help me clean, cook, do the laundry, and many more. Its because you are molding me and preparing me for these things. I begin to APPRECIATE IT NOW!

Now, I'm "mothering" my kids the way you "mother" me. But kids now are different. They are outspoken. Ask them to discribe what kind of mother I am. They tell me, You're an "always angry mom", mama. Only then that I realized I'm beginning to sound like you!

I don't regret it because I know I might raise my kids the way you raise me. But problem now is that they have their "LOLA" at their side and I my "mother" might not be on mine!


About that dress you let me wear in grade 4, thanks, Ma! I was chosen to be one of the best dress!


  1. How I wish I have a mom to tell me which dress should I wear when I was young. I really miss those scenes when a Mom tie me some ribbons in my hair. Anyway here's mine thanks

  2. This is very sweet! Following your blog now dearest.

    I love you Momma

  3. what a wonderful message for a wonderful mom..

  4. hello Divine! so glad you joined us in mommy moments... :)

    such a sweet and sincere letter to your mom, hope she reads it!


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