Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It is a fact of life for boys here in our country to be circumcise. And my boys (all 3 of them) were no exemptions. I am having difficulty understanding why do boys need to be circumcised but I cannot do anything about it. I have to go with the flow. So, I pushed it out of my head for a while but 11 years after, my son requested that we schedule him for one! I think it was peer pressure. And my son was ready!

It was the most "i-dont-know-what-you-call-it" feeling I ever felt! Seeing my son going to the Operating Room all by himself and I just sit there in the waiting area waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Boy! it was the longest 30-minutes of my life!

I was scared for my son. I was scared of what he is going to feel. I was scared that a doctor might hurt(of course there is an anesthesia) my son. I was scared of the healing process my son will go through.


I think circumcision is a sign that the kid is growing up. A sign that the little boy is not there anymore. A sign of manhood.

I cried to myself that night because I can see the pain he is going through. I cried because I cannot do anything about it. I cried because he is growing up and will start to experience what life really is. I cried because I may not have given him the proper tools he needs to face the real world. I cried because I may have to let go of my son and let him experience life on his own.

On the otherhand, although my son is experiencing some pain, I can see that he is proud of what he has accomplished. He has survived the pain of circumcision! By God's grace, I know he will survive life's challenges. We, as parents, will only be here to support him. Good luck, my boy! I love you!


  1. You have a brave son, Mommy! I wonder how I would feel if my son undergoes that stage, too. One of the downsides of being a mom is that you get to see your children getting hurt, too, despite your always being there to keep them safe from harm.

  2. your son is growing up na! another phase in life as a mommy... in a few years, i know that is exactly how i will feel too!


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