Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #2

Friday once again, time to recap the whole week. And it is also the 1st of October! It is our favorite month because three of us in the family will be celebrating our birthdays this month.

1. I'M BACK! After almost 2 weeks of no internet connection due to the defective power supply of our broadband, I'm sooo glad I'm back! The side of the village where we transfered doesnt have telephone line connection yet so we rely soley on our broadband. It's more of a blessing when it broke down because a carpenter is schedule to do some work in the house and I got to watch over his work more. Now, the carpentry job was done, the internet connection was fixed and I'm back.

2. TUTOR. My two sons decided to attend a tutoring class! I'm proud of my "JM" (11 y.o.) and my "KEVIN" (10 y.o.) for deciding for themselves and attend a review class twice a week. JM's goal was to get an ACHIEVER AWARD at the end of the school year and requested that I send him to a tutor. Kevin, on the other hand, wants to get the highest Award - The GENERAL SCHOLASTIC AWARD! Its something I don't impose on my kids but I'm so proud of them to have a goal set on their own. I just love them so!

3. CABINETS. About the carpentry job I mentioned, it's the cabinets we ask the carpenter to build. The kitchen cabinets, the walk-in-closet, the kids' cabinet, our living room divider, the center table and our version of console table. Its already built but still need some painting and varnishing job. I'm excited about it because I design all of it! I'll post them as soon as it is finished. :>

4. NO CLASS FRIDAY. Its a "no class" day at my son's school today. It's Lacasa Teacher's Day that's why they don't have classes. I'm not sure what it means but what's important for me and my kids is that we have time to rest the whole day! Tomorrow, Oct. 2, is their schools' Family Fun Day. There will be a community breakfast, fun run, family games and more activities at the school tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

5. T-SHIRTS. Just this morning, my husband gave me these two t-shirts with the pink ribbon designs, as a support for breast cancer awareness.


  1. Glad that you are back! I love your Tshirts and thanks for supporting breast cancer research, I am a survivor.

  2. It is amazing how much we can miss internet when we don’t have it. What did we do all those years before we had it at all? That’s great that your sons decided to get extra help. Way to go, boys! Enjoy your day off and your Family Fun Day tomorrow. Sounds great.

  3. That's nice that you have your internet connection back. I feel completely lost without it and it only happened once or twice to me for only a few hours !

  4. Oh how we rely on our internet nowadays for everyday! We've been lucky in that ours has not been down for a long time.

    Kudos to your boys. It's amazing that at their age they are setting such great goals. Good for them!

  5. Love your t-shirts!

    We were off the internet for two days at home this week too! It was difficult because I needed to check on students.

    Hurray for your boys! Best of luck and studying to them.

  6. How great that your sons are setting great goals for themselves. That's always so nice to see.

    Isn't a day off great? We got an unexpected one this week, and I really needed it. Have a great week ahead!


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