Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Vacation is almost over!

I can almost smell it.

The moment I step in my son's school (Caritas Don Bosco School in Binan, Laguna) today, I knew vacation is almost over. I enrolled the three of them this afternoon. Though I know there is a 3% increase this school year, still it didn't get into my system until I wrote the amount in the check. Boy, was it huge!

I cannot help but thank God for giving us the capacity to send our three kids to a private school. Now, I think I'm more excited of the upcoming school year than my sons! New lessons, new classmates and of course new mommy friends! That's what I like best! Having to reunite with the old friends and getting to meet new ones!

Well, vacation is almost over and another school year to about to begin! GOOD LUCK!

1 comment:

  1. time passes by so fast, doesnt it? :)

    glad you were able to enroll them na...


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