Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nostalgia Entry # 2 - Home Decorations

Its been wonderful that I keep on receiving gifts or donations from family to decorate in our new home.

From my mother, (because she knows I like sunflower)

I just need to get a really nice cupboard to showcase this one.

From my brother, Edward, (his labor of love)

From my youngest sister, Jovy, (her own 3-D scented flower frame)

I really love this one! Thanks sis!

From my eldest sister, Jho, this beautiful picture frame (which I havent decide which family picture to put on yet)

The blue fish was a fighting fish given to my kids by my mom. Its their end-of-school gift from her.

There's a lot more, they say, that they will have to give me. But I those have to wait until I have a house-blessing (hopefully by next month).


  1. Wow!Lots of Nostalgic memories!I salute your brother making your home decors on his own hands!Ang galing!^_^

    Happy Nostalgia!

  2. I like the sunflower kettle that your mother gave.. lovely stuff though :)

  3. Those are really wonderful looking home decor'.

    Btw, I added your blog in my sidebar called Smart Blogger, look on the badge in the middle,second row. :).

  4. @ clarissa & charmie: thanks, mommmy for visiting
    @ willa: thanks, sis! i really appreciate your gesture!

  5. They are all beautiful gifts to keep.


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