Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ask Momma Wednesday


My youngest son will soon turn 7y.o. I may have spoiled him or overly protective of him because he is the youngest. Now, he seems like scared to try new things (scared to do it on his own). He doesnt want to join even in party games!(although he likes attending parties) What would I do to him?


  1. kyla used to be like that, but she has grown out of it finally. she likes to join games and parties now. :) keep giving him the opportunities and encouragement, im sure when he is ready, he will engage himself too :)

  2. Tnx, Chris! I just hope he does. The last party we attended ended up with him crying in my arms because I let him play the pass-the-ball game...

  3. Thank you for following me. I am already a follower of yours. The crazy lady on the purple golf cart.

  4. I say let him find the time that's right to join in and become more social. It will come. :)


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