Friday, November 5, 2010

Mommy Moments - It Comes in All Shapes

mommy moments

Phoebo loves cars and he likes checking its that would be CIRCLE.

So is with this donut - CIRCLE!

Kevin, JM and sometimes Phoebo love to read books. Books are RECTANGLE in shape!

They also love to play with their DS (especially now that its Playtime-Friday for them) - RECTANGLE again!

Kuya's love nowadays is his guitar, I don't know it shape, Guitar-shaped? HELP!!! LOL

Happy Weekend...


  1. You got talented kids! That book he's reading looks interesting.

    My Mommy Moments post here

  2. daming electronic games dito ah, parang bawat hiling eh bigay si Mommy, hehehe. Yan ang request ng mga kiddos ko this Christmas, DS at PSP, wahhh..6 kids kami, pano ba yun????

  3. wow.ang daming gadgets ng mga kids.. i always wanted to learn how to play the guitar..kya lang no time eh..

  4. hey! i love that donut.. nice post!


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