Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Orange Tuesdays: Monkey Bar

Kevin is trying out the monkey bar at Valenza.

Not to be left behind is...
OH MY!!!... ITS HUBBY!!!

don't push it, Papa

you're taller than....

you really tried it, ha!
miss being a kid???

It's one of our weekend stroll along the area where we had fun! My husband spend so much quality time with the boys. And it makes me sooo happy!



  1. Much fun for the kids! :)

    Visiting you from OT;
    Why So Hot Pau?

  2. hehe, nakakatuwa naman si daddy...


  3. looks like your hubby enjoyed the monkey bars more than your kiddo :D

    visiting you for OT. here's my share: PEE WEE FOOTBALL GAME

    hope you can visit me back! see you around :)

  4. at nainggit ako..never experience father and child bonding..
    lucky your kids to have thier dad..
    thanks for joining mommy!

  5. lucky kids to have a father who spends quality time with them. so many people are missing that because of too much work. happy for you, sis!


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