Friday, November 11, 2011

The Business-side of Me

I sometimes missed working as an employee after resigning for almost 11 years now. But what I actually missed is getting compensated after a day's work! Though, life is different now because I get compensation even if I'm not an employee (thanks to my dear husband).

My husband is the business-minded one. He can do side-lines even before when we were both working. It's the Chinese-side of him, I guess. He taught me the art of buy-and-sell!

Now, we're into buying-and-selling garments, particularly, undergarments. Its more like of a garage sale since we invite my friends and his' to our house to look at the itme we have.

Little by little, I became less shy and I came to love this business. Tomorrow, friends will be coming over for a sale! Good luck to us!

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