Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Gift With Missing Parts!

Christmas Season...

A time for giving and receiving gifts!

Not only kids are excited to receive gifts! Frankly speaking, I also am excited to received one (whatever it is, it's the thought that counts, really)!

Even more so when we received a gift from my brother(who never fails)! He knows I love to drink coffee so he gave us this coffee-maker. The one that makes you an instant cappuccino or espresso. I was so excited to use it but found out the its missing some parts!

After a thorough check-up, we confirmed that its really missing the grill where you put your cup to catch the flowing coffee. Its good that it came from a family member that we can tell him our concern and ask if he still got the receipt without having to embarrassed him. What if not???

Its like ordering from a drive-thru or take-out counter and upon reaching your destination, you found out there's NO straw, or spoon, or fork, or sauce, or rice, etc. Its just good if you can come back for it but more often that not -- you CAN'T!!!

Anyway, I just hope the one in-charge of packaging would be more careful and cautious and ensure that everything is in order before handing the items to the customers.

Note: We will still schedule our visit to the store from where he bought the coffee-maker and we'll be crossing our finger for a good result.


What would you do if you received a gift that has some missing parts?

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