Sunday, January 13, 2013


My youngest son is into playing Beyblades. Again!

He's just crazy over it that playing in not just enough. He's watching it on youtube, he's researching more facts about it. I just wonder until when will he get tired.

On his 9th birthday last December, he ask his friend to bring their Beyblades so they can play at home.

He's already been into playing cards, pogs, gogos, gormiti, pokemon,etc. These toys come and go and kept on coming back with new versions. Its good I was able to keep some of it so that when he remembers to play with them I don't need to buy again...

My #9/365 entry for Blog Photo Challenge
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  1. looks like a cool toy. i have no idea what are these beyblades. =D

    from BPC! hope u can return the favor

  2. I remember my nephews playing beyblades years back. uso na pala ulit hehe.. :)

    my BPC 11/365

  3. Sis Divine, am not sure what they are :-) it looks like a fun toy to play :-) Dropping by from the 11th day of BPC

  4. Now that's something that's alien to me na. Gone are the rubber bands, softdrink cups, etc days kasi di ko na alam what those are! :D I bet the boy has fun playing on those! :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here! ;-)


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