Sunday, January 13, 2013

BPC #10/365: Filipino Native Delicacies

Here are some of the Filipino native delicacies that we never fail to serve on special occasions:

"Suman sa Lihiya"

"Suman sa Lihiya with coco-butter syrup"


Its our version of Palitaw. We serve it with cooked young coconut("buko") in brown sugar.

There are also "Puto", "Leche Flan", "Ube jam", Cassava Cake, and "Buko Salad".

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  1. I really missed these Filipino delicacies..I'm drooling right now:)

    visit from 12/365 BPC

  2. Ang sarap naman nyan Mommy Divine. Pahinigi! :)

    my BPC 12/365

  3. wow! i am so salivating! these are the foods that i am deprive off here in US. lol

    late BPC hop!

  4. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I miss those delish delicacy Sis Divine :-) you make drool like crazy :-) Dropping by from the 11th day of BPC

  5. Palitaw is mo favorite! I cook suman but I guess we cook it differently. My mom's Biko is the best! Now I am missing it! :D

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here!


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