Monday, January 7, 2013

BPC-3/365: Yummy Macaroons

My brother came home for the holidays and brought home these macaroons that's so yummy!
It has some kind of gold candy decorations that makes its so elegant and extra ordinary.
They are deliciously soft and creamy!

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  1. They don't look macaroons to me! LOL. Iba kasi macaroos sa atin, di ba? Those look like chocolates, flavored ones. Nevertheless, I can imagine its yumminess! :D

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

    1. I agree, Rcel. Hinahanap ko nga ang coconut but macaroons daw sabi ni Bro... Anyway, it really taste good!

      Thanks for visiting. :-)

  2. The macaroons here are way different from the ones we have... the coconut macaroons! that's what i found out when i first came here too! but they're really tasty! super late bpc hop!

  3. Looks very delish and colorful too :-) that looks different from the macaroons that we used to it in Chinese buffet :-) Dropping by frm the 5th day of BC

  4. wow i never seen macaroons like that! i thought they always look yellow. lol.

    BPC hop! hope u can drop by


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