Monday, January 7, 2013

BPC-4/365: Walk

I took a sneak shots of my family as we walk to our car. It was park a bit far because of the many visitors the cemetery have especially during November's All Souls Day.
It was a hot day and the walk was a tiring one. 

Everyone was hurrying to get into the car. 

Because I was left behind, I took their photo which I originally plan to delete from my file but never did.

My Blog Photo Challenge entry.


  1. The sun was so shiningly hot on all Souls day even here in Mindanao. For us we visited our little girl's grave very early morning after the mass.

    my BPC 6/365

  2. My memories of the Pinas cemetery are flashing back!

    Haha, ganyan din ako. Pag mainit during those lakad hours, I had to rush going to the car or find any shaded area kasi sasakit ulo ko. :D

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  3. before we left the country, we visited my FIL's grave and prayed. during those November holidays, we just prayed for our departed loved ones because we're far away. miss those times... 6th bpc hop here.

  4. I miss celebrating the All Saints/Souls Day :-( it is very quite here :-( I always love the walking photos :-) I bet everybody is in hurry to cool off in the car with the air on :-) Dropping by from the 6th day of BPC :-)


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