Tuesday, January 8, 2013

15th Wedding Anniversary

January 3 is our wedding anniversary!

It was 15 years ago when we finally to take a vow to spend the rest of our lives together. "For better or for worst".

God has been so good to us. He blessed us with three wonderful kids and supplied all our needs.

In celebration of our 15th Wedding Anniversary, we had dinner at home. Afterwards we took our family picture so we can remember how we have been fifteen years after...

We thank God for the blessings He showered our family. We pray that He continuously guide us in our daily living. May we live in LOVE forever, AMEN!

My share for: Blog Photo Challenge #5/365


  1. Congratulations Mommy and Happy Anniversary. This year will be our 5th, we really need to take our picture too to compare our thin features to fat bodies. ooops! ako lang pala and tumaba hindi si husband. hihihi:)

  2. Thanks, mommy Jan! My husband and I made an agreement to love each other even when we get fat... Hehehe!

  3. What a happy family. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

  4. Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary Mommy! Wow! That is remarkable! You have a beautiful family! :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC!

  5. wow congrats Mommy Divine! u have a beautiful family. ang gwa gwapo ng mga boys mo ha. =)

    from BPC

  6. Happy 15th wedding anniversary to you both and wish you more fun and fruitful married life together with your family :-) Returning from the 7th day of BPC



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