Saturday, January 26, 2013

Magnum Ice Cream

My sons bought me this Magnum Ice Cream the other day when we went to the convenient store after school.  I told them to get what they wanted for snack and I'm glad they didn't forget to get me some.

After one bite, I thought of taking picture of it as fast as I could.

Before it melt, 

Or before I finish eating... LOL!

See?  It's all gone!  Yummy!!!

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  1. I have heard that this is really a yummy ice cream. I wanted to try it but I have heard as well that it is so sweet so I have never tried it yet.

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! :)

  2. hehehehee as in you included the stick of magnum ice cream makes me wanna cry for not saving some for me hehehe


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