Monday, January 28, 2013

Ironing Day Thursday

Yes, that's right!  Thursday is my ironing day!

Ironing.  It is the last task I want to do among my weekly chores.  In preparation for this, I do the laundry on Tuesday and/or Wednesday.  I allotted two (2) days for washing because of the unpredictable weather.  The good thing is that I found someone who is willing to do the ironing for me every Thursdays.

She would hang them

or fold them nicely.

Using my 15-year old ironing board.

Thanks to my "iron-lady" I was able to survived my week with ease...

But my daily schedule needs some more ironing as there are things or chores still left undone.  (Like gardening, sorting out my pantry cabinet, etc.)

Thankfully linking this to

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  1. Ironing is the second disliked chores of mine. The first is cleaning the toilet! LOL. I only ironed my husband's long sleeves and dress pants. My secret is to take the clothes out from the dryer as soon as they're done so that I can avoid the wrinkles. :)

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! :)

  2. I used to do this kind of chores when I was living at my aunt. they iron all their clothes just like yours and they use charcoal. it's a pain in the but but the result is really good though.


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