Saturday, March 9, 2013

From Garden to Table

This is our home-made "Atchara"!
It is pickled papaya appetizer.

 Mom made it for us.

We harvested some papaya fruit from my garden.


When flowers started coming out, I never thought it will give me sooo 
much fruits.


I was planning to cut it down but it is still giving me fruits,
so I regret to do so.

It is still growing taller and taller and bearing more fruits
and reward me with the tasty "Atchara"!

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  1. I miss those papaya while growing up :-) I remember I picked papaya leaves to help my skin white but unfortunately all the papaya leaves are gone and my skin never lighten :-) that achara is delsh to eat :-)

    67th BPC

  2. Yes! They are delicious, Jess! What I heard, Jess is that papain in papaya can remove dead skin so it acts as an exfoliant. :-)

  3. Hi there Divine! Thank you for linking up. When we were little kids my aunt used to make Atchara and sell it to our neighbors. I am not a big fan, but I do eat atchara as well. What I miss the most is eating some fresh ripe papayas that are so sweet. Hmmmmm... I miss it! :) I hope you link up again.

  4. wow ang sarap naman! i miss atsara so much! yum!

    BPC hop here


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