Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gardening Time

Gardening, I've read, provides some health benefits so I included it as one of my pastimes.
For me, it helps me to relax. It gives me joy as I see the beautiful results, the fruits of my labor.  It also gives me pride to being able to grow my own herbs and vegetable garden (however small).

In my small vegetable garden...

Okra seedlings

Tomato seedlings

My ZZ plant a.k.a. welcome plant which I successfully propagated.

I also wanted to grow succulent plants because it is easy to take care of.  
I now have some Aloe Vera which I re-potted which I learned are good for cuts and burns.

Next, is my snake plants, spider plants, and orchids!  And I hope my basils will grow too!

gardening mom, 
 photo f9668c13-4e99-46ae-9b29-9a09232b903c_zps844837c4.jpg

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