Friday, May 22, 2015

Flower Find Friday: Dona Aurora

Traveling to Los Banos Laguna every Monday gives me the chance to pass by some plant shops around the area.  Finally, I decided to stop and got to take home some flowering plants.

One of those I brought home is Dona Aurora mussaenda philippica.  It was named after the wife of President Manuel Quezon, Aurora Aragon.

I was more surprise to see that it has a yellow-orange mini flower in the middle.  I taught it's just white all over.

I can't wait for it to grow taller and is excited to see how beautiful it would be!

Next time, I wish I could find and own a Dona Luz (salmon-pink in color) and a Dona Evangelina (red in color) flowering plants in the future.

 photo f9668c13-4e99-46ae-9b29-9a09232b903c_zps844837c4.jpg

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