Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy Moments - Mother's Day 2010

mommy moments

I have 12 mother's day celebrations already and every year we celebrated it differently.

This year, I got hugs and kisses from my boys (my 3 kids & husband) at the start of the day. My husband and my kids prepared nothing extra-ordinary but they made sure that I don't do much household chores at home. It's my day-off! They took care of doing the dishes, cleaning the house, and the like. They let me sit and rest all day. I just watch TV, read books, lie in bed and not think of all the things I have left undone. I had a good rest!

The next day, for me, is the start of the real "mother's day". I'm in-charge again! In-charge of the house, in-charge of taking care of my family, in-charge of every little things, in-charge of worrying (LOL).

Good luck to me again! Can't wait for my next day-off. . . . . . (next year, i hope).

Love you, guys!


  1. so sweet of your boys and hubby; day off ka from household chores....thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope my boys (hubby and son) will let me have a day off on Mother's Day, too. LOL! Seriously, mommy,allowing you a whole day's rest shows that your hubby and kids love you. My Mommy Moments' entry is up, too!

  3. good hubby and kids, that taking you a day off to do household chores does makes you feel like a Queen :)

  4. yearly day off lang pala heheh, ako wala pang day off lol.. Followed your blog and networked blogs..

    Fun Filled Mother's day


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