Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ate!

May 16, after celebrating my mother-in-laws birthday on may 13, we headed to my mom's place to celebrate my eldest sister's birthday!

It was just a small celebration. We just had 2 kinds of pancit: bihon and sotanghon, barbecue, cakes and paksiw na pata. We ate, we drank and we talk, talk and talk about anything under the sun. Lying in our mom's bed, just talking and watching TV at the same time is what makes it more memorable. We have never done that for sometime. We were all grown ups but we still feel that we were the little girls in my mom's room.

I would to thank Ate for showing us the directions to live our lives. She really is the Ate one would love to have.

Happy Birthday, Ate! I love you!

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