Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mommy Moments - Grocery Day

mommy moments

Our grocery day is scheduled at least twice a month. Usually, its done after the 5th of every month (the cut-off of our credit card!). Its used to be a big day for the kids because they got to pick out stuff from the shelves. But now that my two boys are growing up, they choose to stay home and play with their computers than join me in doing the grocery. Good thing I still got my 6 year old son, Phoebo, to join me in doing the grocery!

Aside from doing the grocery twice a month, I also go to the market for fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. This one I do all alone because my kids dont like wet markets. I usually schedule it in the morning after I brought them to school.


  1. oh, yes.. enjoy your time with your son, because sooner you won't be able to drag him to the grocery anymore, lol! nice post!

  2. well, i am still enjoying this routine with both my kids.. that is why i am cherishing every moment! :D

  3. I miss going to the wet market. There's only a supermarket near our place where everything is so much more expensive! My son who's only 4 loves going with me to the grocery, although I usually manage to talk him out of it; it's taking me so long to finish my grocery shopping when he's tagging along. LOL!


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