Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parenting Our Teen

I received a book from my sister on my birthday entitled "The Big Black Book for Parents (helping your teen navigate through life's challenges)". Since I'll be having teenage boys very soon, I'd like to share with you some things that I've read from this book.

Six actions every parent should MODEL for their teen:

1. Be Polite. Teach others with respect. Say please or thank you. Also remember, dads: ladies first.

2. Smile. Show off those pearly whites. This small gesture will go a long way.

3. Share. This unselfish act is packed with power.

4. Listen. Give others your full attention. They will appreciate the investment.

5. Lend a hand. Mow the lawn for an elderly neighbor, or send a card to a relative you have been praying for.

6. Give a gift. There doesn't have to be a special reason, but the best reason of all is simply say, "I care about you."

Source: The big black book for parents
by Blaine Bartel

Our children are very observant. They watches us on everything that we do. They even imitate us and idolizes us. As parents, it is just right to set a good example for them to follow. As Ben Franklin said, "A good example is a good servmon."

Happy parenting!

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