Thursday, February 10, 2011

And His Name Was Peter...

February 11, 2002 was the day Papa left us.

It was the day we thought and pray would not happen. But it did, so sudden yet peaceful, no hint whatsoever. He was just there lying on the couch, taking his afternoon nap after telling his dentist that he will visit her the following day. Then late that afternoon, while sleeping, our good Lord took him to his side to rest, to finally rest!

In commemoration of Papa's 9th year death anniversary, I will share with you again this poem we made for him (I have posted it before but I want to share it again)

I knew a man
Who was not a fisherman
Neither was he a spokesman
But for me he was a great man.

He's not known to Never Land
Though he's been to many lands
It is to his homeland
Where he wants to be grand.

He was not a great ruler.
Nor was he a great teacher.
But, for me, he was the greatest of all fathers.
And his name was Peter!

Remebering Papa will not be complete without looking at his pictures with us.

This is our way of thanking you, Papa, for a job well done!

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