Friday, August 26, 2011

Mommy Moments - Nutrition Tips

mommy moments

I am glad that my kids loves to eat fish and white chicken meat. My problem is that they are not so fond in eating fruits and vegetables. They only eat banana, apple and mango and watermelon (for my youngest son). I let them drink fruit juices to compensate for their lack of fruit intake. For vegetables, I make soup out of different kinds of vegetables. If they wont eat the veggies, I compromise with just taking a sip of it.

Since they are bringing pack lunches is school, they mostly like to bring nuggets (fish, chichen, or pork). Instead of giving them nuggets which are readily available, I try to make our own nuggets. We buy ground chicken or lean pork and make our own nuggets. I let them watch me do it and taste if its okay with them. Now, there's this new trend wherein nuggets have bacon and/or cheese. I'll try to make those variety as well.

My youngest always puts egg in his rice. So, his lunchbox always consists of rice mix with egg and a choice of either chicken, fish, or lean meat. He loves tuna so much, especially if its tuna omelet!

Water, I let them drink plenty of water. You'll know if they're short of water when their skin starts to dry up.

We will have a long weekend and I'll try making a menu while they're here at home.


  1. i love shrimp and so do my children.. left you a kiss girl! hope you kiss me back..

    by the way, do you mind checking out on On Kids and Safety?

  2. Great tips! Plenty of water-- that is the best! And lots of vegetables and fruits, too. I dwell on the grapefruits for antioxidants and it is what keeps us away from colds. :)

    Visiting for MM with my share I TALK HEALTH! Hope to see you at mine and have a great weekend!

  3. Like your kids, my son is not too fond of fruits either, so I give him fruit-flavored yogurt instead. It's also good, Mommy, that you make your own nuggets at home. This way, you are sure that what your kids eat is healthy. Happy MM! Here's my entry:

  4. my kids aren't fond of fruits too. i wish they will be more adventurous when it comes to fruits. maybe because we dont always have fruits available at home too...

    thanks for joining us again Divine. by the way, really nice header you have there!


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