Monday, October 17, 2011

The Angry Birds Fever

My youngest son got a whole lot of toys. Being the recipient of toys from his 2 older brothers who are now in their "tweens". I thought I wouldn't have to worry about buying him new toys anymore. Until he got hooked by Angry Birds!

At first, he's just likes to play online. But it has become the new craze in school. We began buying toys, fans, erasers, pens, "pogs", collection cards, and anything that has an "angry birds print" on it. I also can see their pad papers with "Angry Birds" sketches on it!

Although they were not that expensive, I tried to see what do they get out of playing Angry Birds.

By the name itself, it has a negative impression on me. So I got to dig dipper and found out why these birds got Angry. It seems that the green pigs stole the eggs from the birds' nest. That's how the birds got Angry. Now, the birds will try to retrieve their eggs from the green pigs by destroying the structures made by the pigs using a slingshot.

I try to find the benefits my kids will get out of playing computer games esp Angry Birds. It can help in their decision making, improve their physics and math skills, enhance their creativity, improve their problem solving and cognitive skills are some of the benefits kids can get from playing this game.

As a mother, my role is to make sure to balance my kids' time. Time for play, time for studies, time to rest, time for prayer, and time for family. I'll make sure that they will enjoy whatever it is they do and that it is with according to the values we try to instill in them.

Games come and go. Right now, its Angry Birds time!

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  1. Sobrang uso ang angry birds. Nung una akala ko palabas sya sa TV ang dami kasing mga angry birds products na nagkalat sa malls at bangketa. Sa kapatid ko lang nalaman na isa pala syang game. lol!


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