Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy Moments - Mommy's Unforgetable Stories

mommy moments

The 13 years of married life brought me loads of stories to tell. Ordinary stories that brings great impact in my life.

I got married late. I had a long engagement, almost 8 years. Finally, we decided to get married because we believe we are prepared for it already: emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

God has been so good to me because he blessed me with a good husband and wonderful kids. There sure are rough times but we manage to survived it because of the love we had for each other and our love for God.

I cannot forget my stories of giving birth to my kids. Each has a different story to tell. But I want to share the story of my eldest's. Since it was my first pregnancy, I dont know what to do. I didnt know that my baby was already stressed out in my tummy. He was already infected with the meconium stain when I gave birth to him. Because of the infection, we decided that he stayed in the hospital for 7 more days until the infections were treated.

It's so sad to go home after giving birth and you didn't bring your baby home with you! I was having dreams about my delivery. I was in the hospital everyday to breastfeed my son but they won't let me stay long in the nursery. Only during feeding time. It was a little sacrifice I had to face for my son. And it didn't go to waste. He grew up to be a healthy, fine young man of 13! (He was born 9 months after we were married)

My family is my world now. I stopped working 11 years ago and decided to be a full-time mom. Another decision I had to choose but it's paying off well... Happy mommy moments!


  1. You have a wonderful family, Mommy, and interesting stories to share. I also noticed you're the only rose among the thorns. That means you're the queen of the house! I'm sure your boys are pampering you. Happy MM, and thanks for the visit!

  2. your story is such an encouragement. may you continue to live a blessed life with your family!

  3. wonderful story from a wonderful family.. surely God will always bless your family

    visiting to share MM fave story

  4. thanks for sharing Mommy Divine!

    just like you, I started out late in my family life enjoyed ourselves first...Regards to your BOys, sanahumabol ka nmn ng girlm baka pwd pa!lol

    happy MM!

  5. thanks for sharing your stories. I guess all most have tons of unforgettable stories to share. One blog post is not enough :) I see that you have three boys too! Here is my entry, hope you can drop by

  6. Wow! BEautiful life story you've got there! Super inspiring, and yes, every birthing story is indeed different. I love your family photo! Ang ganda! :)

    Visiting late for MM! Hope you don't mind. :)



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