Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Growing Community

Change can happen anywhere.

In the community where we live in, new houses are being build.

That means new families will be moving in. And new friends will be made.

For sure our community is growing and still growing...

My entry for
Blue MondayBLOG PHOTO CHALLENGE (#16/365)

 photo yb91422_zps80b0cef3.png


  1. you live in an expensive community for the rich! i can tell so by those houses and constructions! :) nice!

    Thanks for linking this to BPC! Doing my late hops here!

  2. I fixed your photo for Blue Monday.

    Now would you please add a Blue Monday link so that others can find us?

  3. Hopefully you get some great neighbors
    here are my blues

  4. Always fun to meet new neighbors! I live by several dog lovers so it works nicely for all of us! Nice photos! Thank you!


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