Friday, May 28, 2010

Mommy Moments - Motherhood

mommy moments

I taught I knew a lot about motherhood, but now I cannot seem to collect my thoughts. Instead, I would like to share with you this poem that I've read from an unknown author:


A heart that can hear
every unspoken need,
Wisdom to know
when to quietly lead,
Hands that reach out,
always helping and sharing -
A mother is caring!

Eyes that reflect
every joy that you find,
Arms to encircle,
but never to bind,
A talent for making
the most out of living -
A mother is giving!

A voice that can soothe
or inspire or delight,
A smile that keeps shining
when things don't go right,
An angel God sends us
from Heaven above -
A mother is caring, giving and love.

Motherhood is a decision and responsibility that is born out of love. Love for your family, for your kids and love for God. I taught I wanted to be the perfect mother my kids could ever have but I learned now that all I wanted was to be a good mother for them.

All I ask our dear Lord is to continue to guide me and bless me as I do my role and responsibility as a mother day by day.


  1. indeed, we don't need to be a perfect mother to our kids, but we can learn how to become good mother as we raise our kids.

  2. Nobody's perfect, and moms are no exception, but we can always be a good mother to our children. Happy Mommy Moments!

  3. As much as we try to be perfect but we can't, but we can keep trying to give our best.

  4. nice poem!
    true, we can't be perfect... but loving them is perfect already

  5. hmmmm nice poem talaga, and a mom's love is 2nd greatest to God's

  6. You can never be perfect when you are a Mom, and I agreee with you, we can only be a GOOD Mom! Thanks for the visit ate..

  7. that is a very lovely poem girl thanks for sharing

  8. being a mom is an endless learning experience. that was a lovely poem, thanks for sharing!

  9. very well said I'm agree that motherhood is a decision and responsibility that is born out of love.

  10. well said mommy Divine :D thanks for joining us last week :) I enjoy your posts ha!


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