Friday, September 3, 2010

Mommy Moments: This I give to you (Pamana)

mommy moments

What's mine when I was a child were mostly hand-me-downs from my sister. And after I used them, I hand them down to my younger sisters.

So, I just couldn't think of anything to post when lo and behold, as I search for some "treasure" in the house, I found this old Webster Dictionary! I remember my father bought it for us at "Alemar's Bookstore" (an old bookstore in the 70's). We treasured this dictionary so much because we know it came out of my father's Christmas bonus.

Now, my mother gave it to me for my boys to use. It help them a lot like it did me. A true "Pamana" from my parents to me and now for my kids...

P.S.: my eldest son says my "pamana" to him is my near-sightedness. LOL!


  1. hehehe, near sightedness can be hereditary kaya pamana rin yan. At least you have a family heirloom that you can pass on to your kids (which you already did) kami nga, wala as in..nada, none nothing. hehehe.. Thanks for the comment on my site (KIDZPOWER)

  2. When I was still studying, I considered dictionaries as a necessary tool. I simply couldn't live without them. A dictionary is a good thing to have in the house, especially for our kids who already go to school as it enriches their vocabulary. You have a good pamana for your kids!

  3. I think I heard so much about Alemar's from my sisters, but never had a chance to visit the place.

  4. WOw this is a true pamana nga, at ang kapal talaga ng dictionary.

  5. wow! i like that! it's a great thing to pass on to your kids. not the big book itself but the knowledge it contains. nice post!

  6. Very nice pamana. Yep books does instill the a great treasure in our children's minds, which is Education.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    My Mommy Moments post here

  7. wow better keep this! :) glad you joined us!


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