Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy Moments: I Love Toys and Gadgets

My boys don't just love toys and gadgets, they're crazy about it! They're first "major, major" collection is Pokemon miniatures...

Next is their Bakugan collection...

Then, they're into cards and "pogs" (as they call the round cards)...

Without me noticing it, they're into Foldabots (the one's you get from Kidzone)...

Now, they're into Gormiti...

I just can't give it away because, from time to time, they still play with them. Especially now that I've taken pictures of them, its all over the house. Saying how much they've missed them.

And as for their gadgets, they have Nintendo's Gameboys and DS ( Most of it, were gifts from my brother, Edward). I should thank gameboy because my two sons learned to read and comprehend while playing pokemon.

As for my youngest son, Phoebo, he is soooo crazy about cars! Here are a few of his own collection.

And, the biggest one of them all (my husband), will not be left behind - for he has his own collection of toy Ferrari's...

And here are the boys in my life which I've collected!(lol) huggable toys and gadgets!


  1. cool post divine! :D

    your boys have great collections!!!

    by the way, how is phoebo doing in grade 1? :)

  2. i sent you a text message the other day inviting you to come to the talk series on sept 11 at st lukes, the fort. :)

  3. Hi! Making my late MM blog hopping. Your boys sure have a lot of toys and gadget collections!

  4. good thing with your "huggable toys", they can hug and kiss you anytime, even without batteries, haha.
    have fun with ur boys.

  5. your boys sure have lots of toys :)

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