Monday, August 16, 2010

Educational Trip

My son and I joined the school's educational trip last Saturday, Aug.14. We went to different places.

First stop - Puppet Show at UP Theater:

Next Stop - Quezon City Memorial Circle:
(in commemoration of the Linggo ng Wika)

Next Stop - Lunch at MOA (Mall Of Asia):
(we got the chance to capture the mermaid in one of the restaurants)

Next Stop - Museong Pambata:

Last Stop - Zoocology in Manila Ocean Park:

He had lots of fun and never got tired. He also brought home some souvenirs with him.

from Museong Pambatafrom Zoocology


  1. Aww the puppet show sunds exciting at mukhang enjoy na enjoy si gwapings hehehe..

  2. That sure was an educational field trip. I'm glad that the school takes students on these kinds of field trips. For the schools in the U.S., because of the bad economy, many programs and field trips have been cut.

  3. wow, looks like fun! what can you see in zoocology?


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