Monday, August 16, 2010

School Time-Second Quarter

Last week was the end of the first quarter in school. My kids had the usual first quarter exams. There were three of them (1-first year high school, 1-5th grader, and my 1st grader). It was so exhausting for me to prepare worksheets and review them for all the topics that have to be reviewed. My 1st grader is a first timer in a big school. First year high school is so different from grade school. And my 5th grader's goal is to achieve a "General Scholastic Awards". I just have to be on their every step!

Thanks to the internet, I got to get free worksheets to help them in their review. Some of them are:

Now, second quarter is about to start and I'm helping my kids set up their goals for this quarter. I am also trying to arrange and schedule my activities so I can fully hand them more of my time. I cannot do it alone, I know, but with God's grace I know I can manage. As many of us mommies do!

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